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Explore the real estate investment opportunities for NRIs to attain high returns in India.

Why Sembulam

How Sembulam leads the way?

Our proven track record and expertise in NRI real estate ensure 3-5 times returns and seamless land investment experiences for NRIs seeking lucrative opportunities in India!

Featuring plots in Dindigul

Investing in Sembulam plots in Dindigul holds immense value for discerning investors. Situated amidst Dindigul’s vibrant landscape, Sembulam farm plots offer a unique blend of natural beauty and strategic location. With the city’s growing economy these plots present an opportunity for significant returns. Moreover, Dindigul’s serene environment and developing infrastructure make it an ideal choice for long-term investment. Secure your stake in Dindigul’s growth story by investing with Sembulam plots today for a prosperous tomorrow.
Featuring Dindigul

Heritage, Convenience & Great Returns

Sembulam’s Unique Real Estate Investment for NRIs

Discover your dream retreat in the cradle of nature!

Escape to tranquillity amidst lush greenery and pristine landscapes. Sembulam offers NRI clients a sanctuary of peace and natural beauty for generations to come.

Nature meets urban convenience!

Embrace the serenity of nature within 8 kilometres of Dindigul city centre. With urban amenities and lush greenery at your fingertips, Sembulam offers the perfect blend of serenity and convenience.
nri nature

Invest in your piece of heritage with Sembulam!

Unlock the potential of prime real estate investment in Tamil Nadu’s historic heartland. Own a slice of tradition and prosperity with Sembulam’s thoughtfully curated properties.


Your Trusted NRI Investment Partner

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Best land rates in the real estate market with crystal clear transactions for land investment opportunities in Dindigul.

Returns in 5 years

Real estate agents who bring meticulously selected prime sites with the potential for substantial returns

Simplified Transactions

Fair value of land rates to land registration , streamlined process for a hassle-free experience from start to finish

Sustainable Growth

On par with real estate market trends tp ensure that you meet your financial goals with the best Land investment opportunities in Dindigul.

Hear from the people

Happy outcomes bring us infinite happiness as we hear from the voices who entrusted us to make realize their dreams and guard them as great treasures.

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Sembulam developers LLP
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#63/78,Nerujinagar main road, Opposite to SBI , Nerujunagar , Dindigul -624001 Tamilnadu

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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We’ve got the answers!
Yes, NRIs can invest in certain types of properties in India, subject to certain conditions under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).
NRIs can invest in residential and commercial properties, as well as land, subject to certain restrictions on agricultural land.
Yes, certain approvals may be required, such as approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for repatriation of funds and clearance from the local authorities for property purchases.
Yes, NRIs are subject to certain tax implications, including income tax on rental income and capital gains tax on property sales, which may vary depending on the duration of ownership.
Yes, many banks and financial institutions offer home loans to NRIs for purchasing property in India, subject to certain eligibility criteria and documentation requirements.

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Sembulam offers NRIs a range of benefits, including high potential returns, transparent transactions, and sustainable growth opportunities in prime locations.
Sembulam maintains transparency by providing clear documentation, detailed property information, and regular updates throughout the investment process.
NRIs can repatriate funds invested in Indian real estate subject to certain conditions, including compliance with FEMA regulations and obtaining necessary approvals from RBI.
Yes, NRIs can rent out their properties purchased through Sembulam to generate rental income, subject to local laws and regulations.
Sembulam conducts thorough market research and due diligence to identify prime sites with high growth potential and favorable investment opportunities for NRIs.
To avoid TDS on NRI sale of property by NRI, it is crucial to ensure compliance with Indian tax regulations. Sembulam advises NRIs to seek professional guidance and adhere to the necessary procedures outlined by the Income Tax Department to minimize TDS obligations on property sales.

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